Ultimate Guide to Bread Costing

By Feedrite Bread School

This eBook guides you on how to cost your bread to make healthy profit for your bakery business growth.

Handbook on Commercial Bread Baking and Bakery Setup

Handbook on Commercial Bread Baking and Bakery Setup

By Feedrite Bread School

This eBook contains what you need to start and grow your bakery business successfully.


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About the Author

Chukwuka Chika Joy is the Co-founder of Feedrite Bread School and Feedrite bakery, The second book in a duo that she wrote from her wealth of knowledge on bread baking and bakery management, over the past years she has trained more than 2000 bread bakers and mentored about 650 bakery owners.

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It was such a pleasure to read, that I couldn't wait and started reading it all over again. The examples are well simplified that anyone with little or no knowledge about bread costing would understand easily.
Treasure Mensah
Bakery Owner from Ghana
I used to think bread costing is just about bread ingredients. I never knew there is more to it. I have been costing my Bread wrongly all along. This e-book is an eye opener.
Felicia Okoro
Bakery owner from Enugu, Nigeria
One beautiful thing about this e-book is that it gives realistic examples and explanation. I totally recommend this book to all bakery owners and anyone that bakes bread.
Mohammed Sahidat
Bread baker from kano, Nigeria